Quad Biking & Jet Ski

Jet Ski

Jet Ski’s I feel are safer and more fun than quad bikes. I sat my 7 year old daughter with me on the Jey Ski and it was awesome. Really awesome.

We used a company near Nakheel area by the Julphar Towers who were amazing and friendly. You can also book online here where you’ll be given full instructions as well as the option for pickup and drop off from your hotel if it’s available.

Quad Bikes Dune Bashing 😀


He’s wearing a helmet. I don’t think you get these. The terrain we used was vast and went all over the place. Great fun with friends. There’s even a kids area for slower quad bikes and women who just want to ride and not go nuts. You can book this online also and have it fully managed for you here.


  • DO NOT RACE – Really, don’t
  • If a dune buggy feels in bad condition, tell them to change it. I saw one that had the cooling pipe completely disconnected.
  • When there’s a crowd at any point, SLOW DOWN
  • When in open space, go crazy
  • Go up and down dunes if it’s not a too steep.. it’s so much fun
  • If stuck in sand, get OFF, lift it to the side and then move off
  • If still stuck, put big stones under the tyres and ride over it, it works

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